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Is owning a home dream of yours?

If you are planning to buy your first home or are moving to a new home we can help you navigate through the options available.

First ask yourself, “am I ready to buy?” As any financial advisor will tell you – look at your budget and determine what you can afford. Purchasing a home forces you to take analysis of your credit and can be one of the most important and impactful financial decisions you will make.


Financial Diet Plan            

By: Howard Brule     

Most of the talk on financial blogs is pretty negative these days. Most people are discussing the economic slowdown, the stagnating housing market, the rising number of bankruptcies, and increased risk of having a serious recession.

The truth is, many of us need to go on a personal financial diet. Is it time to shed some of that extra weight? In good times we all tend to extend ourselves a bit more than we should. Then when the inevitable slow down hits we have no choice but to cut out the fat.

Like quitting smoking or dieting, it's a psychological battle when it comes to keeping your finances under control. You will need to prepare a plan stating exactly how much you are going to spend, and how much you will save, by giving up certain things. Then, it is critical that you design techniques that will help you stick to the plan.


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